Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why art?

Why art?
One of the assumptions people make about being an artist is that it's fun. "Oh that must be so much fun!" Then usually follows the statement about their inability to add to the collection of stick-figures in the world.

Making art can be fun... sometimes. But to bring something into the world, to put a piece of yourself, your soul, out there to stand on it's own, bare, naked before the eyes of others to judge and dissect isn't always easy or fun.
So the question is: Why do we do it? Why do we make art?

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  1. Art and fun... a loaded subject for me! All my life I feel like I've been looking for some type of creative outlet. Never finding one and never feeling particularly confident about even voicing that need. Finally in my thirties, I have found my 'thing.' I think I'm good at it and it has fulfilled that need. But I'm still uncomfortable calling it "art." I'd much rather call it "craft" or "trade." It feels safer.

    It is hard to just put yourself out there for all to see and judge. No matter what label you put on it, there is still a feeling of nakedness.